LBA Realty buys industrial buildings

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Denver County

Property Location: 4210-4220-4240-4246-4250 Carson St, Denver

Property Description: 203,393 sf of industrial space (5 buildings) YOC 2007, concrete panel construction

Land Size: 14.341 acres

Sales Price: $26.4M

Reception No.: 2017036444

Grantor: MWBP LLC (J. Jeffrey Riggs, mgr.)

Grantee: LBA NCC-Company X LLC, Steven R. Layton, mgr.

Closing Date: 3/6

Comments: See APN: 01246-00-041, 01246-00-042, 01246-00-043,

01246-00-054, 01246-00 050, 01246-00-049.  Sold by Jim Bolt of CBRE Inc.

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