Health Care & Senior Housing Quarterly

Colorado’s Only Health Care & Senior Housing Properties Publication 

This quarterly publication covers all health care-related property types, including hospitals, medical office buildings, specialty centers, ambulatory surgery centers, stand-alone emergency departments, urgent care centers, skilled nursing facilities, long-term acute care facilities, senior housing, rehabilitation and wellness centers, and other real estate involved in the continuum of care. Publication covers topics and issues related to development, investment, finance, construction, TI, design, leasing, property management, law, and valuation, as well as market conditions and factors. Publication is mailed with the Colorado Real Estate Journal newspaper, a 3,500-plus distribution that includes developers, investors, brokers, lenders, contractors, architects and property managers. 

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  • The Colorado medical office building market
    The Colorado medical office building market comprises 23.9 million square feet of total space. Of this amount, approximately 17.6 million sf, or 74%, is located within Colorado’s two largest core-based statistical areas, Denver and Colorado Springs. Inside these metros, the outpatient/MOB market is vibrant, growing and coveted by medical office investors. The Denver MOB Market […]
  • The demise of the waiting room as it exists today
    Health care facilities across the country are making dramatic changes to their waiting areas in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has accelerated the growing belief that the very concept of a “waiting room” is long overdue for a critical reevaluation. Currently, from hospitals to retail clinics, patients entering a health care environment are being […]
  • Flexible design solutions for health care renovations
    Health care construction is one of the most necessary and challenging sectors of commercial construction. As technology advances, regulations change and the needs of patients and employees shift, a constant evolution in design and construction is necessary to meet the objectives of these projects. The urgency of the onset of COVID-19 has shed light on […]
  • Impact of COVID-19 on medical office buildings
    As any seasoned health care planner would tell you, “form follows function.” In other words, the way you intend to deliver health services to your patients should drive the size, configuration, adjacencies and design attributes of the space. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic brought immediate and significant changes to the management of patients seen in […]
  • COVID-19 to impact senior design for years to come
    Humanity is experiencing the most significant health challenge to our existence in a century. As COVID-19 spreads and disproportionately affects older adults, the design of senior living communities is being impacted and will be for years to come. As architects, we can design environments that enable us to be smarter about how we live together. […]