Centerre Construction is an award-winning general contractor and design-builder that has been providing competitive pricing on all types of commercial Design-Bid-Build, CM/GC and Design Build projects for over 25 years. Our experienced staff is empowered to deliver value-added results and ensure that each project we build exceeds our client’s expectations.

Over our 25+ years, we have gained the experience, financial strength and bonding capacity of a large firm with the competitiveness, principal involvement and accessibility of a mid-sized company. Our typical projects range in size from $1,000,000 to $40,000,000. Subcontractors are central to the success of every project, so we always match the right subcontractors to the job. Many of our subs have worked with us for years and, together, we have developed working processes that further maximize efficiency and value in every project. This structure also creates a seamless transition among planning, design, construction and warranty phases with one point of accountability. team’s interactive review process ensures that design and construction decisions comply with complete estimate and scheduling information to meet the goals and intentions of your project.

Centerre has earned industry respect for completing complex, high-end, technically demanding projects without high-end price tags. It’s no accident. Our success – and that of our clients – is directly traceable to the disciplines we have developed as a way of doing business. We think it’s the way you want to do business. Our dedicated, hands-on staff is something you can depend on because we are committed to delivering successful projects. Our pursuit of the unique and different creates a diverse portfolio and allows Centerre to take on any challenges that may be faced during construction, as well as have the capability to service our clients throughout the lifecycle of a building.


Shelby Beddingfield

Director of Client Relations