Fairview Commercial Lending

1153 Bergen Parkway, Suite I #227
Evergreen, CO 80439

Fairview is a direct Colorado Hard Money lender funding private money loans in both Denver and throughout the state of Colorado. Since we underwrite, hold and service all our own loans we can provide honest answers quickly with no upfront fees or appraisals. Fairview can fund both non-owner single family homes as well as commercial properties throughout the state of CO. We are experts in the various markets and submarkets throughout the state. We are asset driven and able to accommodate loans that don't fit conventional lending for whatever reason. We lend own money and can close a loan typically in 5-10 days. We have a local office in Denver to handle all of your Colorado Hard money needs and have funded hundreds of Colorado hard money transactions. Call us today at (303) 459-6061 to speak directly to the decision maker and discuss your Colorado hard money transaction. Also please visit: www.coloradohardmoney.com for more details on our programs.