Joule’s Energy Speaks to Urban Dwellers

joule lobby
The Joule lobby is luxuriously appointed with a living room accented with high-end finishes and a double-sided fireplace. Courtesy Frank Ooms Photography

The Page Denver office has been located in a historic LoDo building for the last two years, but prior to being in this location, we were located in a small building within the Golden Triangle. When we were approached to lead the architectural design on a new residential project at the intersections of Cherokee Street, 10th Avenue and Speer Boulevard, we jumped at the chance to realize the full potential of the building site.

brent ganzer

Brent Ganzer, LEED AP
Senior Associate, Page

Having spent a number of years in the Golden Triangle, our team had frequented the cafés and galleries tucked away in the corners of the neighborhood, and felt that we had a good comprehension of the types of people who would be attracted to living there. The community that would call Joule home could be described as cultivated urban dwellers with a penchant for modern refinements. Thus began our journey into explorations of a design that has come to represent the potential of Denver and how it has truly become a cosmopolitan city.

The relationship between the building and its place was something that the developer was fascinated by and encouraged us to explore. We used this guidance to influence our design and sought to celebrate the magnificent views inherent to that site. To do this, we strategically located balconies with strong visual connection to the Denver skyline and the Front Range.

We paid careful attention to how the building engaged its surroundings. Thus, a strong connection to the city is present at the activated street level. The building lobby faces Cherokee Street and is luxuriously appointed with a living room accented with a double-sided fireplace. High-end amenities were also incorporated throughout – including a virtual golf simulator, which has become quite the hang-out for city-stranded golfers.

joule exterior

Joule’s activated street level is shown from the Cherry Creek Trail. Courtesy Frank Ooms Photography

The amenity deck was oriented so that it could maximize exposure to the warm Colorado sun. In place of traditional balustrades, we utilized all glass windscreen with minimal stainless steel posts, leaving the views from the clubroom completely unobstructed. The pool serves as the main focal point of the deck and careful considerations were made in its design. We utilized a unique zero-edge pool design, which allowed the water to be at the same level as the pool deck, creating a minimal aesthetic. Medium blue tiles line the pool’s interior. With the unique pool design, trellised cabanas and landscaped planters, the experience of enjoying the amenity deck creates a feeling of being firmly rooted in the character of Denver.

joule birds eye view

A sky-high view of the amenity deck. Courtesy Frank Ooms Photography

The amenity deck opens directly to the Clubroom, a space meant to convey the feeling of a modern drawing room. This was accomplished through the use of low, overstuffed furniture that encircles the hearth, which is surrounded by a library and accented with warm wood. A dropped wood ceiling highlights the horizontality of the exterior views. The space includes a community kitchen with a large slab table, perfect for sharing a meal among neighbors.

joule clubroom

The Clubroom – a modern drawing room – includes a community kitchen ideal for sharing a meal among neighbors. Courtesy Frank Ooms Photography

The building’s units are what really shine. Each has an open kitchen with a high-end stone topped island, allowing the living spaces to be flooded with daylight. The gourmet kitchens are appointed with gas ranges, deep kitchen sinks, and custom cabinetry in sophisticated finishes. The effect is a home that is simultaneously refined and urban, while still remaining youthful and connected.

It has been very exciting to see this area of the city – one that we feel intimately acquainted with – blossom as it has. Joule’s recent sale is an exciting milestone in this neighborhood’s story and is a testament to the importance of strategic design on asset value. \\

Featured in the September 2016 issue of Building Dialogue

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