Andy Bingle

Andy Bingle is a student pursuing a Masters of the Environment with a specialization in Renewable and Sustainable Energy at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Since Fall of 2019 he has been working with three other students researching the trends of barriers and opportunities related to CPACE financing in Colorado’s front range. His team has collected forty surveys and conducted over two dozen interviews with C&I building owners, property managers, tenants and other PACE program managers throughout the United States. The research is in partnership with Boulder-based Independent Power Systems. To learn more about the project visit:

Outside of the CPACE world Andy is working as an intern at Power TakeOff, is developing educational curriculum for Jack’s Solar Garden and is a student fellow for the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association’s Energy Fellows Program. For the University of Colorado Andy acts as Industry Relations Manager of the Energy Club and is the graduate assistant for the Renewable and Sustainable Energy specialization for the Masters of the Environment.