Raised in an environment immersed in the arts, architecture seemed a natural career choice for Gillian, which would amalgamate her interests, experiences, and talents. She has traveled extensively throughout her life and has studied art history and architecture in France and Italy, where she completed her Master’s Degree in Architecture in an advanced design studio with Aldo Rossi. This cultural exposure and respect for alternate methods of solving design problems has cultivated her sense of precedent and honed her design approach.

Exceptional design and clarity of communication with the client are Gillian’s two highest priorities. Spirited collaboration is the essence of her leadership style and lasting relationships with her clients have become her trademark. A thorough dialogue and understanding of the client’s vision at the beginning of a project is critical to the success of her projects. Her ability to tightly align conceptual expression with her client’s vision is what distinguishes her work and allows for each building or space to become a “branding” of the client’s personality.