Jeannie Adams is a seasoned IT/Software leader, a ukulele teacher, and an artist. She began her career in property management industry nearly 20 years ago as a leasing agent at a property in Denver, Colorado. As fate would have it, her team at time was asked to pilot some new software. She loved the automation that the software brought her and how then that data she entered could be translated into so many different designs. That was it for her.

She ran school parallel to her career and only enrolled in courses that she felt had relevance in life: personally, and/or professionally. A prospective she is grateful for today as it allowed her to shape a career around her passions. She went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication with a minor in Studio Arts from Metropolitan State University and a Master of Science in Database Design & Administration from University of Denver.

In her career she has earned opportunities to developed and implemented company-wide system training programs, lead software conversions, designed product improvements, while using her technical writing to grow a collection of software guides. She went on to wear many different hats within the software realm of property management including Systems Associate, National Systems Trainer, Systems Analyst, Project Manager of Business Intelligence and Systems Manager.

Through her roles she has traveled nation-wide speaking of the values that software brings to the industry while listening for ways to improve these systems for everyone. Her travels even led her to spend some time in Hawaii where she picked up the ukulele. She now hosts a local ukulele class in Denver every Tuesday where she orchestrates and writes new music to share with her group of ukulele enthusiasts.

This 2019, Jeannie founded Jean Adam Consulting LLC., a boutique technology firm that focuses on software and technology solutions within the property management industry. Her solid experience in software innovation coupled with her creative, artist background has made for some innovative developments. She believes that technology should be simple and should be designed for ease of use for the end user. Beauty in simplicity and knowledge in masses.