Jennifer Henderson
Vice President of Team Development

As the Vice President of Team Development, Mrs. Henderson ensures that the talent at Echelon Property Group is not only provided all the tools to take them to the next level but also that the culture of the company is threaded into their core.

Jennifer is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience from onsite leasing to corporate training. She is passionate about understanding the actual person behind every team member which in turn has led to her proven track record of building cohesive, empowered teams. Her expertise in managing all classifications of buildings, from re-position to new development, along with being known as a change agent and a culture cultivator makes her an integral part of the team.

Jennifer has worked for owner-operator, third party mangers and companies that encompass development, construction and management. She has successfully created and implemented several training programs and team unifying initiatives that focus on improving the team members while aligning with company culture.