Matt Magrann is the Co-Founder and CEO of PROJEX, the rapidly growing Teknion dealer in Colorado…in fact “the newest major dealer in Colorado.

Matt’s dedication to helping other people and his intense competitive spirit are the drivers that have fueled his and PROJEX’ high trajectory. Matt is a former college athlete, and always believes that one should “zig when they zag”.

His company, Projex, is clearly one to be contended with, and Matt is firmly convinced that the combination of Teknion’s unique products for furniture and architectural interiors, combined with developing a culture that attracts the best possible  talent, makes for a highly competitive offering, and the proven success of PROJEX in just two short years, is the positive evidence of those beliefs.

Matt, proudly, yet humbly gives credit to the amazing team at PROJEX for the incredible delivery of service and the resultant growth of the company.