Why did you get started in this career? Was there something that inspired you?

Lots of hikes, beaches, lake and animal farm visits started my interest in respecting the outdoors. I recall a 7th grade science project I put together on capturing tidal wave power. I started the Environment Now Club in my high school which included, among other things, a recycling program. In college I tested the water contamination levels of a lake I used to swim in as a kid, Lake Anza, in the Berkeley hills, noting all the really bad things in it from the golf course upstream. During college, I read the book Ishmael. All of these things compounded to make me want to help protect the environment as a career.

What is the favorite project you have worked on in your career?

I enjoy pushing the envelope and helping make a significant environmental impact. Ambient Energy’s Net Zero Energy and LEED Platinum projects do that! Projects that save over 50% on energy usage like the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or are on the path to Zero Energy like the San Francisco International Airport Terminal 1 help to do that as well! But I have to say I’m most excited about working on a project for Denver Water because of the potential affects of changing water laws and water practice in Colorado. Demonstration projects that make a huge impact – that is exciting to me!

Why do you enjoy doing what you do at Ambient Energy?

I’m in it for the planet.

What is one thing interesting about you that you’d like to share?

I live in a zero-net energy house and get checks from my utility company every month!