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Shane is the President of Cross Street. He is dedicated to supporting every aspect of the team and helping owners create plans for their real estate assets. He loves real estate due to its tangible nature and the impact it has on people’s everyday lives.

Shane earned an engineering degree from the University of Iowa, which gave him a background in problem solving and thinking logically and operationally. These skill sets allow for an effective understanding of complicated ideas and concepts that have many moving parts to be broken down into simple, repeatable steps and formulas that work almost like a playbook, for example, investing in a real estate deal.

Early in his career, Shane discovered his entrepreneurial spirit and love for inspiring others to do the same. Shane puts his family first and real estate provides the perfect balance of hard work and time to be with those who matter most to him. In his free time you can find Shane walking his dog around the many beautiful tree-lined blocks of Logan Square, and spending time with his wife Erica and two daughters, Sloane and Rafael.