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Tom Shane owns and operates the largest privately held retail jewelry chain in the United States; with stores in 14 major US markets.  Each store averages over 10,000 square feet in size, and is a free-standing destination building.  The American headquarters for their family owned business is in Denver, Colorado.

Tom lives half of his life in Denver and half in Bangkok.  He personally oversees the buying of the rubies and sapphires while in Bangkok.  His primary business interests are in the marketing and sales side, as well as design and stone procurement.  His son (also a CU Leeds Marketing Major graduate) is President of the American division, and runs the retail operation day to day.  While privately owned, Shane Co. is professionally run, with experienced executives reporting to Tom and his son Rordan.

Tom graduated the University of Colorado School of Business with a major in marketing, and minors in real estate and finance.  He has attended numerous executive education seminars and enrolled in numerous programs, including those from Northwestern University and Harvard.  He was knighted by the King of Belgium, among other recognitions.

Tom enjoys traveling, and studying people as he travels.  He is challenged by marketing opportunities worldwide, and is not capable of envisioning himself ever retiring.  He is having too much fun working.