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A Brand Worth Believing In


Source: EUA Eppstein Uhen: Architects | Originally posted on www.eua.com by Eric Romano, AIA, EIT, LEED AP

How the Milwaukee Bucks Used Branding to Activate Their Corporate Headquarters

In recent years, Denver has become a millennial magnet for a host of reasons. With so many of these young professionals flocking to the city and now outpacing baby boomers in the local workforce, it would be a serious oversight to not consider how this generation inevitably affects the workforce culture. One generally defining element of millennials is that, by-in-large, they value having clear purpose and social impact. Another byproduct of this generation is the emergence of social media. It is now more important than ever for companies to have thoughtful brands that don’t just have a presence but are worth following or joining for job seekers. Belief in a brand or company can not only attract clients and customers externally but also rally the troops within.  

Building brand and activating culture is all about engagement. If employees feel a sense of purpose in their work and are connected to the brand they work for, a passionate, driven and engaged culture is activated. It’s a simple formula, but it’s a successful one. So how do we connect employees to a brand? There are lots of answers to this question, but I believe one of the most important ones is being transparent. Nowadays, people do the majority of their research on the internet. A company can craft a great image of themselves on their website, but if recruits show up for an interview and find reality does not match original perceptions, they can feel deceived, tainting their view of the brand. Everyone wants the “real deal.” On the other hand, if a recruit, or a client for that matter, visits a workplace and finds that it is, indeed, what they expected as the heart of the brand, reflecting the company’s beliefs and aesthetics, that consistency creates a basis for trust.

This was one of our goals when designing the corporate office of The Milwaukee Bucks. We wanted stakeholders to feel a sense of loyalty as they passed the wall of framed historic jerseys, employees to feel ownership as they meet in the conference rooms they helped name, and players to feel united with those working behind the scenes on their behalf as they see a cohesive brand, permeated throughout the architecture of their training facility, arena and office.

Curious to see for yourself? Watch this video to take a closer look at how the Bucks transformed their culture and space to reflect their brand.

Edited by the Colorado Real Estate Journal staff.