Lighting solution upgrades for high-performing buildings

Energy efficiency in sustainable buildings is positive for the bottom line and important in retaining tenants and enhancing wellness. Green buildings deliver 28.8% greater net operating income and


December 2, 2019

Considerations for ‘responsible owner’ governance adoption

As for-sale, multiunit residential infill development continues to surge throughout Denver and other Front Range communities, developers often are posed with a choice: Should I form a


December 1, 2019
The Flats at the Oval

Public-private partnerships provide project options

Adapt or die. It’s as true of real estate development as it is in nature. That phrase has been repeated in various forms by authors, researchers, business coaches and, let’s not forget,


November 25, 2019
Fifty Eight Hundred

Lakewood project repurposes blighted property

“I am not sure there is any greater impact on a community and on personal lives than taking a blighted, contaminated, vacant, unattractive building and turning it into a vibrant, beautiful space


November 24, 2019

Where are Denver apartment rents headed in 2020?

Denver continues to be a premier destination for job seekers in this growth cycle, but net migration and total employment growth is decelerating from their peaks set earlier in the cycle.


November 22, 2019

Murals elevate apartments into landmarks

While the Denver skyline continues to be filled with cranes, owners and managers of multifamily properties have found themselves in a virtual arms race to provide the latest and greatest


November 18, 2019

Apt. industry, residents contribute $39B to Denver

The apartment industry and its residents contribute $39 billion annually to Denver’s economy, $60.9 billion to Colorado’s and more than $3.4 trillion – or $9.3 billion daily – to the national


November 18, 2019

How Denver rents stack up to buying in the city

In the past 10 years, we have seen a substantial shift in housing trends, specifically household’s increased preference to rent and decreased feasibility to own. On a national level, the steadily


November 17, 2019

Driving forces behind private capital investment

Strengthened consumer confidence and unemployment at a 50-year low have materially benefited the continued success of the retail property market across the Colorado Front Range.


November 11, 2019

Challenges and opportunities for retail development

Despite overreaching concerns of e-commerce negatively impacting bricks-and-mortar shopping centers, the retail fundamentals in Denver are thriving. Fueled by continued growth in consumer


November 8, 2019

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