medical office building spotlight

3 trends impacting medical office demand

Colliers’ analysis of the health care industry and its effect on commercial real estate in the U.S. points to a soaring health care landscape with expected increases in investment and further “retailization.” Colorado follows this national trend presenting a strong performance in 2015.


February 29, 2016

Commercial real estate financing update for 2016

For the first time in 15 years, the 2016 MBA CREF conference was held prior to Super Bowl weekend. The added bonus to being able to watch it with family is that the Broncos are in it.


February 24, 2016
Winslow Report

Winslow Report 2-17-2016

Property Description: 228-unit, three-story “walkup-style” apartment complex with 9 buildings, 264,516 sf, plus 4,528-sf clubhouse, YOC 2014-2015, brick/wood Land Size: 9 acres Sales Price: $47.58M,or $208,684 per unit Reception No: 2016000012250 Closing Date: 2/15 Grantor: Stone Mountain Land Owners LP & Keller Holland Northglenn Investors


February 23, 2016

Median rental rates vary by $100s across city

Three years ago, about 30 percent of renters in the Denver area paid rents below $1,000. That number now sits at 11 percent, as of the last Multifamily Housing Council survey. While rent increases are widespread, not all neighborhoods are experiencing the same effects as the macro environment. Using 21,000 available apartments listed on Zumper over the end of 2015, we examined which areas felt the greatest effects.


February 13, 2016
Infographic about renter expectations

Survey reveals Denver renter expectations

Renting is hot! For some, it’s a lifestyle choice. For others, it’s a financial decision. Whatever the motivation, the rise of renting means the U.S. added 1.6 million new renters over the past five years. These renters, from millennials to baby boomers, are driving new development and raising the expectations of amenities and services. Some in the apartment industry might say it’s sparked an amenity war in search of the answer to the question: What do renters really want?


February 12, 2016

Looking back: The architects and architecture that have influenced Colorado

Although most people are unaware of the degree to which architecture affects their lives, the built environment exerts a strong cultural influence on society, therefore shaping our values and determining the future.


February 9, 2016
Denver skyline

Diners clamor for more and more restaurant options

Restaurateurs have an appetite for Denver, evidenced by the fact that 235 new restaurants opened in the greater metro area in 2015, according to the Colorado Restaurant Association. In 2014, approximately 300 new restaurants opened. The numbers might seem staggering, but dining trends and our desire to eat out are not only keeping many of these restaurants in business, but also allowing many to flourish.


January 30, 2016
Vacant space chart

Front Range retail shines in 2015, into 2016

Wow, 2015 was yet another strong year in the Denver retail market as the state continues to attract retailers from all over the nation. Our well-diversified economy, increase in population, almost record-low unemployment and increases in salaries contribute to the growth of Denver. It is the sixth fastest-growing city in the nation and the second-best city to start a new business, according to Forbes.


January 29, 2016

New wood-frame codes allow for more flexibility

From the construction of tenements in the 1800s to the high-rise steel and concrete luxury residential towers built today, for-rent housing has come a long way. But one constant is the use of wood to build rental housing. Over the years, architects and engineers have pushed the limits of what wood can do, and the adoption of the 2015 International Building Code allows this to continue.


January 26, 2016
Denver Union Station

Importance of well-designed, concentrated urban mixed-use projects

As Colorado’s Front Range population and urban density multiply, appealing locations and escalating land values demand creative and often complex development offerings. Returns on investment are enhanced by a synergistic combination of experiential activities or uses. The Crawford Hotel at Denver Union Station is an internationally recognized leader in urban mixed-use projects, having been awarded the 2015 Urban Land Institute Global Award for Excellence and the 2015 Colorado AIA Design Award for Built Architecture. It is a transformational project in the city of Denver that magnetizes urban activity. Our team’s design credo to produce “Denver’s Living Room” best describes the historic building’s role in downtown Denver now and in the future as the transportation hub spawns more armatures.


January 26, 2016

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