Colorado Springs Early Colleges buys Aurora building

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Arapahoe County

Property Location: 350 Blackhawk St., Aurora

Property Description: 41,657-sf office building, YOC 1982, masonry construction

Land Size: 6.13 acres

Sales Price: $4.43M, or $106.40 per sf

Reception No.: D6061293

Closing Date: 6/9

Grantor: 350-BH LLC, Raymond J. Suppa, mgr., Honolulu, HI 96816-5410

Grantee: Colorado Springs Early Colleges Building Corp., Keith King, 719-955-4675

Financing: $34.5M & 9.6M payable to Public Finance Authority (15 buildings)*

Comments: This property is located on the southeast corner of East Fourth Avenue & Blackhawk Street. *This is a blanket mortgage encumbering multiple properties.

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