Denver metro industrial portfolio trades for $51.5 million

Denver, Adams & Jefferson counties

Address or Location: 1) 2475 W. 2nd Avenue (Denver County), “Bryant Street Quad”; 2) 6400 Broadway, Denver (Adams County); 3) 16600 Table Mountain Pkwy., Golden (Jefferson County)

Improvements: 1) 152,890-sf warehouse, YOC 1971, twin-tee construction; 2) 70,141-sf warehouse, YOC 1984, twin-tee construction; 3) 261,825-sf warehouse, YOC 1997, concrete panel

Land Size: 1) 7.118 acres 2) 4.51 acres 3) 13.704 acres

Date of Recording: 12/28

Reception No.: 1) 2017169188; 2) 2017000114168; 3) 2017132749

Price: 1) $15.25M, or $99.75 psf; 2) $8.75M or $124.75 psf; 3) $27.5M or $105 psf

(total: $51.5M, or $103.22 psf)

Grantor: 2475 W. 2nd Avenue Investors LLC c/o TPF Equity REIT, Brian J. Cosentino, director, UBS Realty Investors, 860-616-9000

Grantee: NR Denver Industrial Portfolio LLC, TH Real Estate, John Cornuke, mgr.,

949-809-2607, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Financing: Cash

Comments: This portfolio was introduced to the Denver market in September 2013, selling for $29.09M, or $60.01 per square foot. Two years later, the growth of this property escalated to $37.5M, or $77.34 per square foot, when UBS Realty Advisors acquired this property. The final sales price reflected a real increase in value of 1.063% per month, or 28.88%, increase. With the market increasing so fast in rental rates and market values, UBS Realty Advisors sold the property to TH Real Estate for an increase of value of 37.33% in slightly less than 26 months. This averaged a monthly growth rate of 1.23% for the seller. Overall, the property has appreciated 1.148% per month in value since September 2013.

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