IREM comes out against Energize Denver Task Force recommendations

The Greater Denver Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management voiced opposition to the current recommendations of the Energize Denver Task Force in a letter to the Department of Environmental Health.

“I was shocked and concerned to find out, just the day before yesterday, that the city of Denver is trying to push recommendations through without adequate and necessary input from the real estate management industry – the very people who will be negatively impacted by these new requirements,” said the letter, written by Tiffany L. Jackson, CPM, CAM, CEO and president of Compass Management LLC and past-president and current legislative chair of IREM Greater Denver

UPDATE: Since posting, the city of Denver decided to hold off on rolling out the ordinance after receiving feedback from multiple real estate organizations. The city now plans to roll out the program this fall after completing more outreach. IREM committed to help with revisions to the proposal.

Edited by the Colorado Real Estate Journal staff.