Longtime developer lands 73.6 acres in Broomfield

Broomfield County

Property Location: W/S Interstate 25, approximately 1 mile north of Highway 7

Property Description: Vacant land

Land Size: 73.6 acres

Sales Price: $2.1M, or $28,533 per acre

Reception No.: 2016006912

Closing Date: 6/16

Grantor: Imperial Farms LLC, Sandra D. Spano, mgr.

Grantee: UF TM I LLC, Urban Frontier, Garrett Baum, 303-226-1266, & Bill Branyan, 303-226-1260

Financing: Cash

Comments: Property lies on the west side of South 104th Street, approximately ½ mile south of W-470. Buyer is a developer who has bought and completed horizontal development of land at the northwest corner of Highway 7 & Interstate 25 known as the 156-acre Palisade Park as well as other development projects such as Green Gables in Jefferson County, Children’s Hospital site in Broomfield and Windler Homestead, a 750-acre development located at E-470 between East 56th Avenue & East 68th Avenue.

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