New Jersey developer acquires Highland site for $155.71 per sf

Denver County

Property Location: 2800-2826 W. 29th Ave., Denver

Property Description: Misc. improvements, plan to construct 117 units

Land Size: 21,675 sf

Sales Price: $3.38M, or $155.71 per sf, or $28,846 per buildable unit

Reception No.: 2016089416

Closing Date: 7/6

Grantor: Carmen Real Estate LLC, by: Sagebrush Companies, Todd Heinzeroth, mgr., 303-866-0011, or Don Caster, 303-800-8152

Grantee: Connell Viking Park LLC by Connell Co., Shane Connell & Duane Connell, mgrs., 908-673-3700

Financing: Cash

Comments: The developer is a fourth-generation New Jersey firm led by Shane & Duane Connell. They will construct 117 units consisting of 30 two-bedroom units and 87 one-bedroom units. There will be four levels of parking, including the first two floors plus two basement levels, totaling 144 parking spaces. The building will be an 8-story building known as the Viking Park Apartments.

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