Olde Town selects Bishop

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Nathan Bishop

Nathan Bishop was appointed the executive director of Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District/Historic Olde Town Association.

In this role, Bishop will oversee and work alongside district stakeholders on neighborhood vision, policies, programs and projects that will enhance foot traffic, cultural and economic vitality.

Bishop brings a variety of experience and expertise in the fields of historic district revitalization, economic development, transportation and urban planning. He has held positions in the field of planning at Downtown Springfield Inc., Washington University Redevelopment Corp., Illinois Department of Transportation, Colorado Center for Community Development and Metro Transit (Bi-State Development Agency).

His experience includes a broad range of projects ranging in size from public spaces and business districts to transit-oriented development. Bishop accredited by the American Institute of Certified Planners and has a master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver and a bachelor’s degree from Murray State University.

Featured in CREJ’s November 15-December 5, 2017, issue

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