Restaurant building sale, $1.3M

Douglas County

Property Location: 9910 S. Twenty Mile Road, Parker, “The Spa Palace”

Property Description: 5,400-square-foot restaurant being converted to retail, YOC 2004, masonry/stucco construction

Land Size: 1.54 acres

Sales Price: $1.3M, or $240.74 per sf

Reception No.: 2016026985

Closing Date: 4/20

Grantor: 9910 S. Twenty Mile Road LLC, Mel Moore, asset manager

Grantee: 9910MTW LLC, Michael Wiege, mgr., 719-528-1881

Financing: $2.7M payable to Westerra Credit Union, due 6-1-26

Comments: Property was listed by Jason Thomas of Trevey Land and Commercial, 970-309-3662. This was formerly the Black-eyed Pea restaurant and was vacant at time of sale. Property was on the market for several years. The property sold in December 2006 for $2.75M, which was secured by a lease with Black-eyed Pea. It is unknown if there was consideration for termination of the lease by the tenant, BEP Colorado Restaurant LLC. A letter dated 3-27-2015 indicates that the tenant defaulted on the lease dated 11-1-2005. The term of the lease was for a base term of 15 years, with four five-year options to renew.

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