Richmond American Homes takes down 39 lots in Brighton

Adams County

Property Location: North corner Cherry Blossom & Azalea streets, also fronts north corner of Iris & Cherry Blossom streets, Brighton

Property Description: Vacant lots (39 finished lots)

Land Size: 289,497 sf, or 6.646 acres

Sales Price: $2.74M, or $9.44 psf, or $70,304 per buildable lot

Reception No: 66641 2018

Closing Date :8/15

Grantor: Brookfield Residential (Colorado) LLC (Shannon Robbins, VP)

Grantee: Richmond American Homes of Colorado Inc.

Financing: Cash

Comments: Lots 14-18 Block 2, Lots 1-6 Block 3, Lots 1-18 Block 7, Brighton Crossing No. 2, 3rd Amendment, & Lots 1-10 Block 20, Brighton Crossings Filing No. 2, 4th Amendment. The average size lot is 7,423 sf, while the range is between 6,050 and 13,334 sf. There are six lots at 6,050 sf; 12 lots at 6,957 sf. There are 24 lots ranging from 6,000 sf to 6,999 sf; six lots between 7,000 sf and 7,999 sf; five lots between 8,000 and 8,999 sf; two lots from 10,000 to 10,999 sf & two lots between 12,038 and 13,334 sf.

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