RiNo site for proposed micro apartments brings $112 per sf

Denver County

Property Location: North corner of Wynkoop & 36th streets, Denver

Property Description: Vacant land, 84 micro apartments with a total of 37,800 sf net rentable area planned

Land Size: 18,750 sf

Sales Price: $2.1M, or $112 per sf, or $25,000 per buildable unit

Reception No.: 2016086461

Closing Date: 7/1

Grantor: 3609 Wynkoop LLC Investors LLC, Frank Dellaglio & Ryan Arnold, mgrs.

Grantee: SMP4 Investments Inc., David Juades, c/o McWhinney, 720-360-4737,

Financing: $1,.66M due 12-1-16, payable to Guaranty Bank & Trust

Comments: Plan to build 84 “micro apartments” @ 450 sf each located at 3609 Wynkoop St.

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