Senior housing proposed for Golden site

Jefferson County

Property Location: SWC Hwy. 93 & Spyderco Way, 20001 Golden Gate Pkwy., Golden

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Property Description: Vacant land

Land Size: 3.94 acres

Sales Price: $1.21M, or $7.07 per sf

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Reception No.: 2016051895

Closing Date: 5/26

Grantor: SRO Properties LLP, Frederick C. Simmons, ptnr.

Grantee: Newstar Golden LLC, Senior Living Logic LLC, 303-669-3002,

Charles Gee,

Comments: Owner contact is Charles Gee. This site will be home to a four-story, 109-unit senior housing property with 103,568 sf net rentable area (950 sf average size per unit). The gross building area will be 127,906 sf with 82 garage spaces and 76 surface parking spaces. See site plan.

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