Heather Campbell founded Double Dutch in 2014, after a successful career leading branding, marketing and strategic communications programs for multi-billion-dollar companies. She is especially good at connecting your vision to deliverables that engage, inform and motivate your most valuable customers to take action and buy what you’re selling. Her sweet spot? Leveraging websites and digital media to advance the customer sales journey and exploit and spend efficiencies inherent in online channels.

Working with her is like having your own VP of Marketing on speed dial. Give her a problem and she’ll solve it – strategically, creatively, on time and on budget – with recommendations that are actually actionable and always measurable.

You’ll find her to be straight-forward, resourceful, infectiously optimistic, relatable and really fun to work with. Chances are, by the end of the project, we’ll be friends.

And when your project requires, we tap into our growing network of uber-talented creative partners for our collaboration. It’s a platform that’s flexible and efficient – and completely customized to your solutions.