Julie Wienberg, NCARB, has joined HNTB Corporation as aviation project director and vice president, serving as aviation group leader for HNTB Architecture. Julie is focused on strategic planning, client service and providing support and advisory services to HNTB’s national aviation practice and the development of public-private partnerships.

Julie brings extensive experience in developing, managing and leading project teams, with more than 20 years working on aviation programs and facilities. Most recently, she led the procurement and development of the City of Denver’s first public-private partnership program, the Great Hall Project at Denver International Airport.

Julie brings a wealth of aviation and alternative delivery experience to her clients.   She has served in leadership positions on major airport projects and programs, and helps clients navigate the complexities of P3s and design-build projects.  Her diverse array of expertise will enable her to provide creative and impactful solutions to clients across the country with large and complex projects and programs.

Prior to joining HNTB, Wienberg developed her own advisory and contracting practice, Poliarch LLC, specializing in the development, procurement and management of unique and complex public and private projects and P3 developments.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Julie serves on the Colorado Center for Infrastructure Investment board of directors, is currently assisting on a regional artist selection committee, and is the Vice President of her HOA. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban and regional planning from Kansas State University.