Mark Adams is a Partner and General Counsel of Next Step Energy Solutions who works with property owners and managers to understand and realize the benefits of LED lighting upgrades. After helping to establish Next Step, a new kind of turnkey LED lighting company, Mark understands what drives LED lighting retrofits — the desire to save money, to increase owner and tenant satisfaction, and to go green.

Working with his partners in Next Step, Mark has gained experience in the past eight years regarding LED technology, manufacturing, installation, controls and project financing. Next Step’s partners bring more than a century of business experience in the fields of finance,
banking and property management to the LED lighting and retrofit market. Next Step is responsible for the turnkey installation of some of the largest LED lighting retrofit projects undertaken in the region, and has secured for its customers the largest rebates ever issued by
many of the region’s utility companies.

Mark holds a JD from Georgetown University Law Center, and Masters and Bachelor’s degrees from Northwestern University.