Key considerations when generating new space for tenants

Building owners and property managers have dozens of things to consider when generating space for new tenants. From an operational standpoint, things such as building rules for contractors, product


April 1, 2019
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Construction Costs and How to Manage Them

Since the economy rebounded from the Great Recession, rising construction costs have become a hot topic in the real estate community, particularly here in Colorado, where growth has outpaced the national average and it seems like a new building goes up every day. 

Building Dialogue

January 6, 2019

Expect construction costs to continue to rise

Remember the days of Zach Morris cell phones, or when you had to do math in your head? The days when Pauly Shore was famous, or back when the Patriots were Super Bowl champs? (Too soon?) Or how about this one, the


March 28, 2018

Construction costs not diminishing profits, for now

A persistent gripe in developer circles is the constant upward movement of construction costs. This has been a substantial brake on the fast-moving train of new construction within the Denver market. Steadily rising


November 13, 2017