Taylor Morrison snags 42.72 acres for residential development

Broomfield County

Property Location: Southwest corner (realigned) Huron Street & County Road 4, lying one-quarter mile west of Interstate 25 and approximately one-eighth mile north of Baseline Road

Property Description: Vacant land

Land Size: 42.72 acres, plus two small tracts for right of way

Sales Price: $7M, or $3.76 per sf, or $35,000 per buildable unit

United Properties August 2018 300 x 250 Banner

Reception No.: 2016005946, 2016005948, 2016005947

Closing Date: 5/27

Grantor: UF Kevamra (22.14%), UF TM II, (47%) & UF TM I (30.86%), Garrett Baum, mgr.*, 303-884-7300

Grantee: Taylor Morrison of Colorado Inc., Philip Cross, 303-513-4616

Financing: $2.86M payable to UF TM II, due 6-6-2018

Comments: See plat 2016004903. Lot 1 = 42.72 acres, Tracts B = 0.54 acres & Tract F = 0.44 acres, Palisade Park Filing No. 4. *The property was conveyed via three separate deeds with partial interest, which combined reflected 100 percent ownership by the seller, longtime landowner Garrett Baum, manager in all three LLCs. G. Thomas Hennessy, thennessy@taylormorrison.com, is a principal with Taylor Morrison Homes of Colorado. There are 200 residential units planned for this property. It is unimproved vacant land that was rezoned April 27, 2016.

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