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While the Colorado Real Estate Journal continues to run multifamily news in each issue of the newspaper, Multifamily Properties Quarterly features the most interesting projects and people, trends and analyses, and covers development, investment, leasing, finance, design, construction and management. The publication is mailed with the Colorado Real Estate Journal newspaper, a 3,500-plus distribution that includes developers, investors, brokers, lenders, contractors, architects and apartment managers and regional managers. 

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Recent Multifamily Properties Quarterly Stories

  • U.S. construction is down, Denver decreases 51%
    Nationwide, apartment construction is experiencing a considerable slowdown this year with 293,000 new apartments projected to hit the market – a 12% drop compared to last year’s deliveries. The decline is primarily due to fewer
  • The menu of lenders & loan programs is bigger than ever
    There has never been a better time to be a commercial real estate borrower. The cliché has been repeated on a loop for the last several years, but it still is truer than ever today. The Fed has signaled it is going to hold short-term
  • Understand eviction orders and their impact on landlords
    The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic fallout have exacerbated a housing crisis in Colorado and across the country. Many citizens risk losing their homes due to job loss or illness. Landlords face their own challenges as they
  • Multifamily is key leader in economic recovery
    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about turbulent times throughout the nation’s major real estate markets. Nationally, commercial real estate transactions dropped 60% in the second quarter year over year due to strict economic shutdowns
  • Strong fundamentals to help us thrive post-pandemic
    In the middle of March, the COVID-19 pandemic took over the U.S. and abruptly stopped the world’s largest economy, with no certainty of what could happen next. Mass layoffs occurred quickly in the restaurant and