Broadstone Montane Apartments snagged by Canada-based investor

Douglas County

Property Location: 18301 Cottonwood Drive, Parker, “Broadstone Montane Apts.,” NEC Parker Road Hwy. 83 & East Cottonwood Drive

Property Description: 400-unit apartment complex with 23 buildings, 484,534 sf of gross building area, plus 9,955-sf clubhouse, YOC 2018, masonry/frameconstruction

Land Size: 22.16 acres

Sales Price: $120M, or $300,000 per door

Density: 18.05 d/u per acre

Reception No.: 2019002850

Closing Date: 1/17

Grantor: Broadmoor Vantage Point Patrick W. Dukes, mbr.

Grantee: Montane Acquisition LLC Martin Liddell, CFO of Starlight

Financing: $75M payable to KeyBank, NA, due in one-year

Comments: Lot 1, Vantage Point Sub, Filing No. 1, 2ndAmendment; see 2019000181. 20 Studio units @ 466 sf rent for $1,165; 225 one-bedroom units @ 721 sf rent for $1,470 to $1,530; 150 two-bedroom/two-bath units @ 1,100 sf, rents ranging between $1,790 and $1,830; 15 three-bedroom/two-bath units @ 1,500 sf rent for $2,565. There are 377 parking spaces, including 75 garage spaces, seven handicapped spaces, 291 standard parking stalls and four van-accessible stalls. The land sold for $8.65M and contained 38.5 acres with plans for 700 units, or $12,357 per buildable unit.

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