Changing the Future of Small-town Colorado

Colorado has long been a recreational mecca. Skiing, hiking, biking, rafting – the list of outdoor recreation opportunities is endless. But the state is coming to a point of no return now as it makes way for a recreation-dominant economy, pushing beyond its industrial and mining past to embrace a more diverse set of economic drivers.

Building Dialogue

November 11, 2019

A Sense of Place: The Architecture of Colorado

Home to the Rocky Mountains, the urban vibrancy of Denver, the vast landscapes of the Eastern Plains, the compelling history of the mining towns, and the wind-swept cattle ranches, Colorado has a rich architectural history that spans three centuries. We are very blessed to practice architecture in a very special place – Colorado.

Building Dialogue

November 3, 2019

Net Zero Energy: Making a Positive Impact

Twenty years ago, many people were not familiar with the term “sustainability.” Some had heard the word but didn’t know the real meaning. Now we know. “Sustainability” is a catch-all phrase that speaks to many facets of the work we must do to combat climate change.

Building Dialogue

October 28, 2019

Turning the Building Boom into a Vibrant, Lasting City

Over the past 25 years, Andy Rockmore has worked on projects that have clearly impacted the city — from pedestrian bridges to schools to the creation of over 6,000 multifamily residential units. Currently, Shears Adkins Rockmore, where Andy is a principal, is leading the design of dozens of buildings and several miles worth of master planning around the Front Range, from Denver International Airport to Mile High Stadium.

Building Dialogue

October 21, 2019

Climate Change: Building Community Must Move to the Front Line

As global weather becomes more extreme, the threat that climate change poses for our communities is no longer theoretical. In Colorado, we are seeing direct and measurable impacts in the following areas, most of which we probably have heard mentioned and can relate to: snow, pine beetle, water, alpine wildlife (the American pika could become the first animal in the continental U.S. listed under the Endangered Species Act because of climate change), large mammals and wildflowers.

Building Dialogue

October 14, 2019

Petrie Partners: EUA Designs Workplace, Regional HQ

Petrie Partners, a boutique wealth management firm for the oil, gas and energy sectors, enlisted EUA’s expertise to design its new regional headquarters in downtown Denver’s newest high-rise.

Building Dialogue

October 7, 2019

Achieving Construction Excellence with an Athlete’s Mindset

From the time of award, GE Johnson, the project team and I have understood the significance of building the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum as it will honor the very best: our nation’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Building Dialogue

September 29, 2019

Public Safety Facilities Designed for Officer Wellness, Community Connection

The new Englewood Police Headquarters in Englewood explores the need for a mission-oriented facility that is designed to reduce officer stress, improve safety, and operational efficiency. Additionally, the design places a focus on building a strong connection with the community with spaces designed to encourage positive interaction between police officers and visitors.

Building Dialogue

September 23, 2019

Engineers overcome intense conditions to rebuild Pikes Peak Summit House

Crews are in the second year of construction of the new $56 million, 38,000-square-foot Pikes Peak Summit Complex, a three-building campus consisting of a visitor center with dining and rooftop terraces, observation decks and interactive displays, and a high-altitude research and communications center.

Building Dialogue

September 16, 2019

Measurable Results: Thoughtful Process Leads to Design Workshop’s Legacy Design

For 50 years Design Workshop has been cultivating a pragmatic design ethos, which is shaped by the thoughtful consideration of four guiding principles – environment, community, economics, and art. The sum of the whole is a well-established legacy of design excellence that stretches across 30 different countries in communities around the world.

Building Dialogue

September 8, 2019