• Survey reveals Denver renter expectations

    Renting is hot! For some, it’s a lifestyle choice. For others, it’s a financial decision. Whatever the motivation, the rise of renting means the U.S. added 1.6 million new renters over the past five years. These renters, from millennials to baby boomers, are driving new development and raising the expectations of amenities and services. Some in the apartment industry might...

  • Designing for the Evolving Guest Experience

    The emergence from the economic downturn has fueled a robust development cycle in Denver and in the state of Colorado. This is an exciting time for the hospitality industry as consumer trends are having an incredible influence on leading edge thinking. In general, people are becoming more discerning with their choices and the impacts of those choices. As a result,...

  • Value Beyond Building

    Construction is fertile ground for complications. Beginning with the basic on-time/on-budget obligations despite circumstantial uncertainties like weather, and material and subcontractor availability, general contractors assume a fair amount of risk long before ever breaking ground. Mix in the need to truly understand and achieve the owner’s long-ter

  • The resurgence of urban food markets

    Urban food markets are having a moment. Following the August 2013 opening of The Source in River North, this year will see the opening of two new urban food markets – The Central Market at 2669 Larimer St., and Stanley Marketplace at 2501 Dallas St., in Aurora. Additionally, The Source’s marketplace is adding 20,000 square feet of space along with...

  • Diners clamor for more and more restaurant options

    Restaurateurs have an appetite for Denver, evidenced by the fact that 235 new restaurants opened in the greater metro area in 2015, according to the Colorado Restaurant Association. In 2014, approximately 300 new restaurants opened. The numbers might seem staggering, but dining trends and our desire to eat out are not only keeping many of these restaurants in business, but...

  • Front Range retail shines in 2015, into 2016

    Wow, 2015 was yet another strong year in the Denver retail market as the state continues to attract retailers from all over the nation. Our well-diversified economy, increase in population, almost record-low unemployment and increases in salaries contribute to the growth of Denver. It is the sixth fastest-growing city in the nation and the second-best city to start a new...

  • New wood-frame codes allow for more flexibility

    From the construction of tenements in the 1800s to the high-rise steel and concrete luxury residential towers built today, for-rent housing has come a long way. But one constant is the use of wood to build rental housing. Over the years, architects and engineers have pushed the limits of what wood can do, and the adoption of the 2015 International...

  • Out-of-state buyers show affinity for Colorado

    Purchasing an apartment building in Colorado has proven to be challenging due to the growing number of buyers lining up to acquire a limited number of available properties. For certain assets, it is not uncommon to receive upward of 20 offers.

  • Pre-1990 construction cap rates closing the gap

    The vitality and distinctiveness of the Denver economy are driving new businesses and households to relocate to the metro, propelling apartment demand at a rate greater than supply growth. Drawn by the strong job market and high quality of life, new residents boosted population growth in the last year to more than double the national average.

  • The evolution of co-working in Denver

    Co-working is an unavoidable buzzword in Denver. In the few short years dedicated co-working space has had a presence in the city, the definition has evolved from a strictly communal environment to one that often embraces private offices as well as community areas. The long-term effects of what this new office environment means to the office property market has yet...