Century Communities pays $7.5 million for Thornton lots

Adams County

Property Location: SWC E. 120th Avenue & Quebec

Property Description: Vacant land including 276 residential platted lots, 12.91 acres on the SWC of E. 120th Ave. & S. Quebec & 30.26 acres of open space

Land Size: 98.59 acres

Sales Price: $7.5M, or $1.75 psf, or allocation of $15,272 per lot

Reception No.: 2017

Closing Date: 10/16

Grantor: Carlson Family, Clay Carlson, Scott L Carlson, Kent D. Carlson, et al.

Grantee: Century at Mayfield LLC c/o Century Communities

Comments: Includes mineral rights; Carlson retained approximately 33.13 acres, which included 10.79 acres dedicated to the city of Thornton for park land. Thornton. The average lot size is 8,747 sf.

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