Denver apartment investor lands 82-unit apartment community for $23.4 million

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Denver County

Property Location: 1515 Vrain St, Denver, “1515 Flats”

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Property Description: 82-unit, five-story apartment, 65,090 sf (including 5,995-sf retail space on first floor, YOC 2017

Land Size: 19,315 sf

Sales Price: $23.4M, or $359.50 psf, or $285,366 per unit

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Reception No.: 2018065837 or correction deed 2018068024

Closing Date: 6/13

Grantor: Vrain Street Investments LLC (Leon Cisneros & Courtney McRickard)

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Grantee: JIMS Colony Vrain Owner LLC, c/o Cardinal Group investments, 4100 E. Mississippi Ave., 15thfloor, Denver 80246, attn: Eric Frank, mgr., 303-407-4500

Financing: $14.58M payable to PFP Holding Co., c/o Prime Finance Partners Inc., Chicago, IL

Comments: The sale was handled by CBRE Inc., Matt Barnett. Jason Kosena is VP of acquisitions. There are 33 standard parking spaces and 4 accessible spaces plus 4 compact spaces.

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