Leon Capital purchases closed McDonald’s building for $10.46 per square foot

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Jefferson County

Property Location: 801 Wadsworth Blvd., Lakewood

Property Description: 4,109-sf closed McDonalds restaurant, YOC 1982

Land Size: 54,972 sf

Sales Price: $575,000, or $10.46 per sf (before demolition cost)*

Reception No.: 2018019087

Closing Date: 3/1

Grantor: McDonald’s Corp., Michael Van Poucke, senior counsel

Grantee: LCP Wadsworth LLC c/o Leon Capital Group, 214-865-8082, attn: Will Tolliver, mgr.

Financing: $459,629 payable to Texas Bank and Trust Co., Longview, TX

Comments: This property was purchased by Dallas developer Leon Capital Group, which has completed several retail developments in the Denver metro area. This property is on the northwest corner of Wadsworth Blvd & W. Eighth Ave. *Assumes the buyer razing the building and constructing a new structure.

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