South Carolina firm assembles RiNo properties for $10.1 million

Denver County

1. Property Location: 2620 Walnut St., Denver, “10 Barrel Brewing Restaurant”

Property Description: 9,375-sf restaurant, YOC 1929, brick construction

Land Size: 9,397 sf

Sales Price: $5M, or $533.33 psf

Reception No.: 2019000372

Closing Date: 12-20-18

Grantor: North of the Border LLC (Kenneth Wolf, 75%, & Ari Stutz, 25%)

Grantee: Rino Edens LLC (Jodie W. McLean, CEO), 803-779-4420

Financing: Cash

Comments: Buyer previously assembled $55.16M of real estate in the 2600 blocks of Walnut and Larimer streets totaling nearly 120,000 sf. The buyer owns 2669 Larimer St. in Denver, known as the Denver Central Market. The latest assemblage, at year-end 2018, includes three buildings containing 24,243 sf for $10.1 million. Ari Stutz of Downtown Property Services, 303-292-3193 was one of the owners of the property.

2. Property Location: 2628 Walnut St., Denver, “Pairin Building”

Property Description: 3,118-sf office building, YOC 1965, renovated 2012, brick construction

Land Size: 3,118 sf

Sales Price: $1.5M, or $481.08 psf

Reception No.: 2019000142

Closing Date:12-20-18

Grantor: Associative Properties LLC (Joshua P. Elson, mbr.)

Grantee: Rino Edens LLC (Jodie W. McLean, CEO), 803-779-4420

Comments: This building is leased by Pairin Inc.

3. Property Location: 2649 Walnut St., Denver

Property Description: 11,750-sf warehouse, YOC 1945, brick construction

Land Size: 12,515 sf

Sales Price: $3.6M, or $306.38 psf

Reception No.: 2018164188

Closing Date: 12-28-18

Grantor: Steven E. Brown & Kevin J. Danknich

Grantee: Rino Edens LLC (Jodie W. McLean, CEO), 803-779-4420

Comments: This property was listed for sale by SullivanHayes Brokerage – David Dobek, Sean Kulzer & Michael DePalma. The property is located on the westerly corner of 27thStreet & Walnut St. Property was vacant at time of sale.

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