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Prologis: Move to LoDo Fosters Communication

When warehouse powerhouse Prologis, the world’s leader in logistics real estate, decided to relocate their operational headquarters from the outskirts of Denver to a historic and artsy micro district in Denver’s urban core, they put a stake in the ground, thereby initiating a paradigm shift that would re-energize their workforce and re-establish their Denver operations. 

Building Dialogue

January 27, 2019
dairy block

Edge Conditions: Zones Where Intrigue Happens

Edge conditions are the boundary zones where most of what intrigues us happens; the beaches, the sunsets, of architecture. Like waves on a shoreline, the edge conditions ebb and flow and are in constant states of change; existing as neither land nor water, they are both and neither.

Building Dialogue

January 13, 2019
dairy block alley

Infusing Art to Enhance Private Development

You notice a thin white structure pouring down the side of a building and splashing to the ground like spilled milk. You smile and enter the alleyway. You turn a mysterious knob on the wall and are surprised to unlock the sounds of the Colorado Symphony. You enter the building to see a yarn-bombed tree and a gigantic wooden hand epitomizing hospitality.

Building Dialogue

December 20, 2018

The rise of dual uses: Hotel complements office

The Denver skyline is witnessing the addition of several projects that pair office properties with boutique hotels. We spoke with developers and owners of three of these projects

Michelle Askeland

September 29, 2017