Manifesting Design Solutions that Address Societal Shifts While on a Tight Budget

As interior designers, we are always searching for innovative and transformative ideas to make our project environments both efficient, adaptive and creative. But we must acknowledge that the solutions of yesterday, no matter how successful, may no longer apply to today’s use of space and how we need to work and live.

Building Dialogue

May 3, 2020
martin marietta

Kestrel designs addition for Martin Marietta in Denver West

In late 2016, Martin Marietta completed its move to 34,000 square feet in Denver West. At the beginning of 2018, Kestrel’s design team was asked to complete its first expansion, an additional 6,000 sf adjacent to the first-floor space.

Kris Oppermann Stern

January 6, 2019
derive wall

Derive Chases New Adventures in Colorado

In the Denver-Boulder tech corridor, technology-driven companies such as Derive Systems are taking over. Derive Systems, a company with multiple offices already across the United States, creates intelligent, customized driving experiences by working to advance car enhancement software.

Building Dialogue

August 26, 2018