AIMCO acquires high-density site in Fitzsimons for 253 units

Adams County Property Location: Southeast corner E. 22ndAve. & Ursula St., Aurora Property Description: Vacant land, 253 units planned Land Size: 1.88 acres Sales Price: $1.64M, or $20 psf, or $6,475 per buildable unit Reception No.: 73915 2018 Closing Date: 9/10 Grantor: Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (Donald M. Elliman Jr., chairman) Grantee: AIMCO Fitzsimons 3A Lessor LLC Financing:…

John Winslow

September 27, 2018

Interstate 25 & East Evans assemblage closes at $13.3M

Denver County Property Location: 2100-2135-2175 S. Cherry St., 2150 S. Cherry St., 2160 S. Clermont St., 2135-2175 S. Clermont St., Denver Property Description: Several improvements totaling 72,152 sf Land Size: 128,396 sf (6 separate parcels) Sales Price: $13.3M, or $103.59 psf Reception No.: 2018114462, 2018114460, 2018114461, 2018114459, 201811481, 2018114478 Closing Date: 9/7 Grantor: 2100 S. Cherry Street…

John Winslow

September 26, 2018

Melody Homes finds gold in Bennett with 175 platted lots

Adams County Property Location: Southeast corner Penrith Road & U.S. Highway 36, Bennett Property Description: Vacant land Land Size: 24.3317 acres in 175 paper-platted lots Sales Price: $3.24M, or $3.05 psf/$18,500 per lot Reception No.: 2018000064296 Closing Date: 8/16 Grantor: Penrith Park Joint Venture LLC (Jim Marshall, mgr.) Grantee: Melody Homes Inc. Financing: Cash Comments: Lots 1-4 Block…

John Winslow

September 25, 2018

Haselden Construction buys RiNo site for $106.64 per square foot

Denver County Property Location: 3695 Wynkoop St., Denver Property Description: 15,177-sf warehouse, YOC 1983 (land value), part of Giambrocco neighborhood development Land Size: 44,075 sf Sales Price: $4.7M, or $106.64 psf Reception No: 2018113056 Closing Date: 9/6 Grantor: 3695 Wynkoop Investors, c/o RiNo Investors LLC (Jason Pollack, mgr.) Grantee: Revolution 360 Owner LLC by: 3600 Brighton Blvd…

John Winslow

September 17, 2018
2535 E. 40th Ave

AT&T site to be redeveloped following $19 million sale

A significant redevelopment is in the works at the edge of the River North Art District with a local couple acquiring one of the largest contiguous sites in the vicinity for $19 million. Tom and Brooke Gordon, through Iselo 40thAvenue LLC, bought AT&T’s 234,250-square-foot office/industrial building on 14.6 acres at 2535 E. 40thAve. in Denver…

Jill Jamieson-Nichols

September 17, 2018

Dallas developer lands 2 acre-site in Parker

Douglas County Property Location: Northwest Corner Pardee Street & Hess Road, also fronts SWC Triple Crown Drive & Pardee Street, Parker Property Description: Vacant land Land Size: 89,867 sf Sales Price: $1.2M, or $13.35 psf Reception No: 2018046972 Closing Date: 8/3 Grantor: Rice Investment Properties LLC (Marvin A. Boyd, mgr.) Grantee: Brytar Parker CO TLE LP, Scott…

John Winslow

September 13, 2018

Schuck Corp. lands 160 acres near Rocky Mountain Arsenal for $2.1 million

Adams County Property Location: SEC E. 88thAvenue & Buckley Road, Commerce City Property Description: Vacant land Land Size: 160 acres Sales Price: $2.1M, or $13,125 per acre Reception No.: 63777 2018 Closing Date: 8/7 Grantor: Roarty Family LP (Regis Autret & Kathleen Autret, ptnrs.) Grantee: Schuck DIA LLC (Stephen M. Schuck, mgr.), 719-633-4500 Financing: $4M payable to Stephen…

John Winslow

September 11, 2018

Texas developer snags 1.15-acre site in Thornton

Adams County Property Location: SWC E. 120thAve. & Holly St. Property Description: Vacant retail site, plan to build 8,300-sf strip center anchored by Kum & Go Land Size: 50,312 sf Sales Price: $737,339, or $14.66 psf Reception No.: 63104 2018 Closing Date :8/6 Grantor: 120thHolly St. LLC, Rick Neistat & DND (Dory Doud), mgrs. Grantee: VRE…

John Winslow

September 7, 2018

Infinity Communities acquires 43,283-sf site for $7.04M

Denver County Property Location: NEC Zuni St. & W. 31st Ave. (2331 W. 31st Ave. & 3130 Zuni St.) & 3125 Wyandot St. Property Description: Land value, misc. improvements Land Size: 43,283 sf Sales Price: $7.04M, or $162.74 psf Reception No.: 2018097436 Closing Date: 8/2 Grantor: State of Colorado, Don Brown, 303-869-9000 Grantee: The Zuni31 LLC, c/o…

John Winslow

September 5, 2018

Trammell Crow buys downtown Denver site for $20.75 million

Denver County Property Location: 1800 Market St., Denver Property Description: Vacant multifamily site Land Size: 50,179 sf Sales Price: $20.75M, or $413.52 psf, or $68,033 per buildable unit Reception No.: 2018095040 Closing Date: 8/1 Grantor: 1800 Market Tower LLC, c/o BlackRock US Core Property Fund Inc., Elizabeth Kurz, VP, portfolio manager Grantee: 18th& Market LLC, c/o Trammell Crow,…

John Winslow

August 31, 2018