Creating Union Hall, a Community-Focused Arts Space

Union Hall serves as a community-focused arts space and culture concierge, providing opportunities for emerging and well-known artists alike to exhibit their work. It’s also a place for locals and visitors to Denver to engage in enriching and educational creative experiences.

Building Dialogue

December 30, 2019
dairy block alley

Infusing Art to Enhance Private Development

You notice a thin white structure pouring down the side of a building and splashing to the ground like spilled milk. You smile and enter the alleyway. You turn a mysterious knob on the wall and are surprised to unlock the sounds of the Colorado Symphony. You enter the building to see a yarn-bombed tree and a gigantic wooden hand epitomizing hospitality.

Building Dialogue

December 20, 2018
nine dot

Neoera completes design for NINE dot ARTS’ new headquarters in Lower Highland area

Neoera recently completed architecture and interior design for NINE dot ARTS’ new 6,400-square-foot headquarters located at 3734 Osage St. in Denver’s Lower Highland neighborhood. “We worked closely with NINE dot ARTS to create a space that embodies the firm’s dynamic connection between business and the arts,” said Emily Adams, founding principal of Neoera. “We never […]

Kris Oppermann Stern

July 9, 2018