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Construction Costs and How to Manage Them

Since the economy rebounded from the Great Recession, rising construction costs have become a hot topic in the real estate community, particularly here in Colorado, where growth has outpaced the national average and it seems like a new building goes up every day. 

Building Dialogue

January 6, 2019
venture value

A Case for Putting in the Work to Deliver Value

There is a large and critical difference between value thinking and bottom-line thinking. To ensure a project thrives, it’s essential to understand this difference. 

Building Dialogue

October 15, 2018
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Venture Architecture delivers tailored design for OpenTable

Open Table’s new 13,000-square foot office in the Wells Fargo Center combines high-rise views with River North Art District’s “gritty” warehouse vibe. 

Kris Oppermann Stern

June 18, 2018