Keeping Things in Perspective: Finding the Balance

Recently I was given a gut check that seemed notable and worth sharing. It led to several questions those of us in design, development, construction, brokerage, etc., might consider. Do you remember why you got into your profession? Was it more exciting then or did it matter more to you in the beginning? Have you kept your inspiration or do you need to find it again? Have you kept balance?

Building Dialogue

April 13, 2020
marble desk

Construction Costs and How to Manage Them

Since the economy rebounded from the Great Recession, rising construction costs have become a hot topic in the real estate community, particularly here in Colorado, where growth has outpaced the national average and it seems like a new building goes up every day. 

Building Dialogue

January 6, 2019
venture value

A Case for Putting in the Work to Deliver Value

There is a large and critical difference between value thinking and bottom-line thinking. To ensure a project thrives, it’s essential to understand this difference. 

Building Dialogue

October 15, 2018
opentable space

Venture Architecture delivers tailored design for OpenTable

Open Table’s new 13,000-square foot office in the Wells Fargo Center combines high-rise views with River North Art District’s “gritty” warehouse vibe. 

Kris Oppermann Stern

June 18, 2018