Value grows by 34.4% on $50 million Castle Rock apartments

Douglas County

Property Location: 483 Scott Blvd., Castle Rock, “Bluffs at Castle Rock”

Property Description: 220-unit, three-story apartment complex, 200,516 sf, with 11 buildings and a 2,837-sf clubhouse, YOC 1998, frame construction

Land Size: 11.024 acres

Sales Price: $50M, or $227,273 per unit, or $249.36 per sf

Closing Date: 1/31/2018

Reception No.: 2018006612

Density: 19.96 units per acre

Grantor: JSP Lantana LLC c/o Jackson Square Properties LLC, Thomas J. Coates & Curtis S. Gardner, mgrs., 415-354-9900

Grantee: SP/RGA Bluffs LP, David Dufenhorst, CEO of Security Properties, 701 Fifth Ave, Suite 5700, Seattle, WA 98104

Financing: $37.5M payable to Grandbridge RE Capital LLC, due 2-1-25

Comments: This transaction was negotiated by ARA Newmark, Jeff Hawks, Doug Andrews, Shane Ozment and Terrance Hunt. The last sale was Oct. 5, 2015, for $37.2M. There are 85 one-bedroom, one-bath units @ 736 sf renting for $1.62 psf; 47 two-bedroom/one-bath units @ 925 sf renting for $1.42 psf; 39 two-bedroom/two bath units @ 1,026 sf renting for $1.47 psf; 41 two-bedroom/two-bath units @ 1,087 sf renting for $1.45 psf; four three-bedroom/two-bath units @ 1,207 sf renting for $1.55 psf & three-bedroom/three-bath units @ 1,268 sf renting for $1.52 psf. The average unit is 911 sf with an average of $1.50 psf.

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