Office & Industrial Properties Quarterly

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While the Colorado Real Estate Journal continues to run office and industrial news in each issue of the newspaper, Office & Industrial Properties Quarterly features the most interesting projects and people, trends, analyses, strategies and opportunities. This quarterly covers development, investment, corporate real estate, leasing, finance, design and construction. The publication is mailed with the Colorado Real Estate Journal newspaper, a 3,500-plus distribution that includes developers, investors, brokers, corporate real estate executives, lenders, contractors, architects and property managers. 

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Recent Office & Industrial Properties Quarterly Stories

  • The 21st century office will never be the same
    When COVID-19 upended working life for nearly every executive worldwide, people were asking one question: Will we ever go back to the office? At first, it seemed unclear. Industry legends were denouncing their real estate holdings.
  • Health, safety take center stage with new initiatives
    As an office building owner with five high-quality office buildings in Denver, we consider the health and wellness of our customers a top priority. This is why our company launched a comprehensive program entitled “Inspire Wellness”
  • Market snapshot: Tenant considerations for office
    While the pandemic has changed many aspects of our society in a short amount of time, the substantial impact on the office market is among the most staggering for the commercial real estate industry. Within days of shelter-in-place
  • 2020 election: 1031 exchange on the chopping block?
    It’s the time of year when politicians are outlining their vision for the future and plans to get there. One such plan recently introduced by a 2020 presidential candidate has caused some uncertainty around the future of capital gains
  • The future of Colorado’s workplace
    Historically, the office has been a place where companies bring their people together to foster innovation and collaboration; perform individual job functions; access a vast array of tools that promote efficient productivity for work