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While the Colorado Real Estate Journal continues to run office and industrial news in each issue of the newspaper, Office & Industrial Properties Quarterly features the most interesting projects and people, trends, analyses, strategies and opportunities. This quarterly covers development, investment, corporate real estate, leasing, finance, design and construction. The publication is mailed with the Colorado Real Estate Journal newspaper, a 3,500-plus distribution that includes developers, investors, brokers, corporate real estate executives, lenders, contractors, architects and property managers. 

For editorial content, please contact Michelle Askeland at or 303-623-1148 ext. 104.

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Recent Office & Industrial Properties Quarterly Stories

  • Despite slowdown, market already picking back up
    The COVID-19 pandemic and its associated shutdowns have had a large impact on the commercial real estate world. Through the first three quarters of 2020, industrial product has experienced a slowdown in
  • Denver office market breeds cautious optimism
    The American office space is nothing if not resilient. It’s been battered and bruised, opened, closed and opened again. It’s been downsized, marginalized, stripped down and sterilized – and still, it endures.
  • 2020 industrial market: Back to the future?
    The industrial distribution and manufacturing markets have existed as long as commercial real estate has been around. From the 1700s to 2020s, there has been a continuous need for buildings that focus on
  • Are you solving for the virus – or for future work?
    Good employers have long been leveraging their workplace to compete for top talent, drive collaboration and foster creativity. Pre-COVID-19, the workplace was not merely a location for employees to complete work.
  • The 21st century office will never be the same
    When COVID-19 upended working life for nearly every executive worldwide, people were asking one question: Will we ever go back to the office? At first, it seemed unclear. Industry legends were denouncing their real estate holdings.