Chuck Briant joins Kairoi Residential as vice president of asset management

Chuck Briant joined Kairoi Residential as vice president of asset management in the firm’s Investment Division. He will oversee all Kairoi Investment properties as the lead asset management executive responsible for executing the investment strategy from inception through disposition. He also leads investor relations with the firm’s existing partners and will contribute to cultivating new relationships.

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Briant has a broad base of global real estate experience in all product types. He spent time in both the U.S. and Europe overseeing a large portfolio of global real estate assets during his 10 years at Goldman Sachs. During his tenure at Goldman, he also served as the program leader of the real estate analyst cross-training program. After Goldman, he began to focus on multifamily becoming the Director of Investments for Cortland. In this role, he led all Cortland’s investment and management activities in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. Previously, he was as Nicolas Residential’s executive vice president of asset management and operations where he oversaw over 4,000 units in Texas and Oklahoma.

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