The Future of Cities: Embracing Inclusiveness, Diversity

Cities are deceptive places. Walk down a sidewalk in a city such as Denver and it feels a lot like a geological formation – a canyon or a steep ravine. And like geological formations, cities change. The photographer John Fielder’s wonderful book “Colorado” demonstrates this vividly. 

Building Dialogue

July 19, 2019

Mortgage banking book part Denver history, memoir

Mortgage bankers financed much of what is Denver. Mortgage lenders, working with banks, insurance companies and government agencies, financed many commercial buildings and apartments in Denver and nationwide. Veteran mortgage banker E. Michael Rosser chronicles the history of the mortgage industry in Denver and beyond in his new, 372-page book, “A History of Mortgage Banking…

John Rebchook

July 9, 2018

Changes planned for Larimer Square

In keeping with the intent of maintaining the integrity and character of the block, the proposed buildings will be constructed on the alleys and courtyards behind Larimer Square – 60 feet back from the storefronts.

Jennifer Hayes

March 5, 2018