Survey finds Energy Star remains indispensable

In early 2017, the White House’s administration’s budgetary draft recommended the Environmental Protection Agency start “developing legislative options and associated groundwork for transferring ownership and


January 8, 2018

Key implications of the Denver Green Roof Initiative

On Nov. 8, 2017, the voters of Denver passed the Denver Green Roof Initiative. As of Jan. 1, the construction of any building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or greater must include covering a portion of its roof


December 30, 2017

Did your rentable area increase in 2017?

If you own or lease an office building, there’s a chance that the rentable area may increase when measured with the new BOMA 2017 Office Standard, released in October. The recently


December 29, 2017

What to know about the upcoming R22 phase out

R22 refrigerant is being phased out and property managers and building owners are likely going to be caught off guard. The problem – good for the environment, bad for operating expense budgets


October 9, 2017
Riverview at 1700 Platte Street

Going green is a growing priority in Denver

Whether it’s new energy benchmarking standards or a push for green rooftops, there’s a new sustainability-focused headline in Denver every week. In reality, the trend toward improving build


October 2, 2017
energy use dashboard

Is your BAS ready for winter?

As we get closer to the end of the year, some people get excited about football and the changing Aspens, while others get excited for ski trips to the mountains. Then, there is something no one


October 1, 2017
Map of US

We must continue to support, fund EPA’s Energy Star

By now most of you have heard the expression “what you measure, you manage.” If we take away the measuring tool, how do we assess performance? This is the exact situation we are facing if


July 3, 2017

Tips for staffing your maintenance team

Property managers are struggling to keep property engineers and facility maintenance teams staffed with qualified, enthusiastic employees. “It is definitely hard to find building engineers,” said Kim Lewis,

Michelle Askeland

July 2, 2017

Arc flashes pose serious danger for maintenance teams

Franklin’s approach to this important 18th century experiment may have been practiced with more safety and caution than the safety practices implemented at modern day buildings


July 2, 2017

Why weatherproofing service agreements matter

Whether you’re a property manager or property owner, one universal truth is clear: Your most valuable asset is the building for which you are charged to care, protect and generate returns. It goes without saying then that as protector, it is your duty to identify and mitigate the most


April 12, 2017