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Green Roof Ordinance: Final rules for existing building roof replacements

Denver’s Green Roof Ordinance is the only green roof initiative in North America that goes beyond new construction to include existing buildings. The Denver Metro Building Owners and Managers Association participated in a collaborative task force, with the city and other


December 29, 2018

Green roof task force addresses existing buildings

From San Francisco to Toronto to New York City and several cities in between, green roofs and buildings have grown increasingly popular as one method to tackle environmental concerns such as rising temperature and


October 7, 2018

The latest version of the evolving Denver Green Roof Initiative

In November, Denver voters passed the Green Roof Initiative that requires buildings with more than 25,000 square feet to have a green roof or solar panels. Since January, varied stakeholders comprising the Green


June 17, 2018

Solar power is cool

Solar power is cool. Solar panels are so cool, literally and figuratively, they  should be a key component of Denver’s Green Roof ordinance, I believe. The importance of solar was driven home to me recently, as we are in the process of adding solar panels to the roof of our townhome. As part of my…

Kris Oppermann Stern

April 30, 2018

Point: Realities of the Denver Green Roof Initiative

Denver has joined North American cities San Francisco and Toronto in enacting a regulatory mandate for green roofs. Green roof incentive programs have been used successfully for years in cities such as Chicago, New York


January 22, 2018

Counterpoint: The color green and being ‘green’

With the passage of the Denver Green Roof Initiative, it has become very clear to me that that those of us in the business of building sustainable cities have some work to do in educating the public about the difference


January 22, 2018

Key implications of the Denver Green Roof Initiative

On Nov. 8, 2017, the voters of Denver passed the Denver Green Roof Initiative. As of Jan. 1, the construction of any building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square feet or greater must include covering a portion of its roof


December 30, 2017